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Yep, Salento, Colombia is seductive for sure.

And I’m not just the odd one that feels that way. It’s not at all uncommon for visitors to spontaneously extend their stay. What’s even more interesting is that they often can’t articulate the reason why they want to stay on.

It’s certainly not just to add on another tourist “activity”. I see them spending their add-on days curled up on the sofa with a book, or relaxing on the deck soaking up the country view, or simply enjoying a leisurely stroll through town.

I’ve come to the conclusion that Salento often has a sort of magical “Shangri-La” effect on people, Colombia style.

The townspeople are friendly and welcoming. The dogs run freely (as do sometimes the horses!). Walking down the middle of the street is the norm. And the views are stunning in every direction.

Don’t misunderstand, there is plenty to do here. In fact, a huge variety for such a small quaint mountain town. But there’s much more than that…

Salento has a way of connecting to people at a deeper level. She feeds you something you didn’t know you were longing for, slows down your mind chatter, enfolds you in a “happy for no reason” attitude. In short, she shifts you from a state of busy doing to relaxed being.

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