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Alto de la Cruz Salento – Top of the Cross Viewpoint

Alto de la Cruz Salento – Top of the Cross Viewpoint

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Alto de la Cruz Salento – Top of the Cross Viewpoint

The easiest viewpoint to get to in Salento is Alto de la Cruz (top of the cross). When you’re in Salento you’ll for sure end up strolling down the main street, also called Calle Real and labeled Carrera 6.

This is the street with all the tourist shops where you see everyone else wandering along. It leads from the town square (Plaza Bolivar) directly to the bottom of the stairs to the Cross. The shops thin out and the stairs are dead straight ahead.

From the top you’ll be rewarded with a fantastic view of the entire town below. It’s definitely worth the climb.

The only bad news is that there is no alternate road to the top.  So you’ll have to walk up the 238 blue, yellow and green painted steps to get to the top.

But there’s a good railing and you can pause to enjoy the view and rest on the way up.

And as you climb you’ll also notice concrete markers along the sides. Each one is numbered and notes a particular event in the life of Jesus. One morning I climbed to the top and discovered a priest conducting an outdoor service with a small dedicated congregation.

On the weekends there are usually vendors at the top of Alto de la Cruz offering all sorts of cold and hot drinks, snacks, and of course souvenir trinkets.

Be sure to relax and linger awhile and really take in the view. If you’re lucky enough to have a clear day, you’ll be able to see the city of Armenia off on the horizon, slightly to the left. (see my post on Nevado del Tolima)

You can also gaze down at the other undaunted folks climbing the steps and watch the strollers on Calle Real.

Check the gallery below for a few more pics. You’ll find a swing set up here too, plus a small playground for kids. Follow the path past the playground and it will lead you to the El Mirador lookout… my most favorite view of all, shown in my website page header.

At the Mirador, enjoy the view and refresh with a great cup of coffee at the Orujo Cafe.

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