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Coffee Tree Boutique Hostel

Coffee Tree Boutique Hostel

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Coffee Tree Boutique Hostel

I have been amazingly fortunate to have such a beautiful place to stay, and simultaneously made such wonderful new friends, at the Coffee Tree Boutique Hostel in Salento.

I met the owner, Eddie Echeverri, when I visited Salento in April/May of 2016 when on my first visit to Colombia. The large hotel/hostel was still under construction at that time. But Eddie rented out two AirBnb rooms attached to his own home right on the same property. That’s where I stayed and how I got to know him.

Eddie is Colombian by birth but was raised in the USA from a young age. This gives him a great advantage of being perfectly bilingual, being able to operate effectively here since he is a local from this region. He also knows exactly what type of services and comfort are most sought after by the many international tourists coming to Salento.

Eddie has clearly hit the hotel/hostel “sweet spot” with the Coffee Tree. He offers both spacious private rooms and hostel style multi-bunkbed rooms. Breakfast is available. There’s a large open sitting/living room area with comfy sofas and of course, wi-fi everywhere.

For me, one of the best and most important “features” of Coffee Tree is it’s location. It’s a short walk out from the center square, in a newer small southern section of town.

And this makes all the difference…

  • It’s quiet here. You don’t have to put up with the noise of the party-people on the weekends as the people staying right in town do. And if you want to party, go right ahead… the main square is only a 5 minute walk away! But when you’re tired and need some quiet relaxation or sleep, the Coffee Tree is your calm oasis.
  • Adding to the peaceful & restorative vibe are the stunning 360° views. You can see the main square church steeple, across town to the hillside cemetery, the big cross at the top of Salento’s popular viewpoint, horses grazing, gorgeous sunsets, and multiple layers of high mountains in every direction. Simply look in any direction and soak up green and serene Salento!

I am grateful to have spent two weeks in what I consider to be the “best room in the house” at Eddie’s recently opened hotel. Yes I have moved on… but only a few steps! I’m back in my original downstairs room that I first rented 7 months ago. It has the advantage of having a small kitchen. So now I can do my own cooking and I really love having that choice.

Be sure to come visit when you’re in Salento. Check out my photos of Eddie’s place so you can see for yourself…

P.S. If you’re interested in staying here, check out the reviews on TripAdvisor.com and Booking.com — I’m not the only one that thinks this place is great!

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