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Colombian Visa TP7 Overview for Pensioners

Colombian Visa TP7 Overview for Pensioners

Posted on 31-Dec-2016 in Practicalities | 0 comments

Colombian Visa TP7 Overview for Pensioners

This is the first in a series of posts describing my personal experience getting a Colombian TP-7 Visa as:

  • a retired pensioner (no need to work)
  • from the USA
  • using only my Social Security income to qualify

If these are also your circumstances, my hope is that reading about my experience will assist you in making your own decision on how to best proceed, answer some of your questions and make your visa process even easier than mine.

What I am not going to cover:

What type of Visas there are and which one might be best for you is way beyond my knowledge. There are lots of other places where you can find that information. For research I suggest going to the Colombian government website to  read about available visa types. Or if you already know you’d like a retirement/pensioner visa, read about the TP-7 requirements.

Another good source of information is Expat Exchange. They have a section for Colombia where you can search and read quite a lot about getting various Colombian visas. A particularly useful forum post is How To Apply For TP7 Visa and Cedula. It really helped me in understanding the process and making the best choice for me.

The TP-7 visa is not just for pensioners however. It also applies to a partner/owner of a business, owner of Colombian property, independent work activities, etc. I cannot speak to those options since I did mine as a pensioner.

It is quite possible to do the entire Colombian visa process completely by yourself. You personally prepare all your own documents, get the necessary documents translated and legalized, go to the appropriate government offices in Bogota, stand in the lines, etc. Many people do this and you can find their stories online if you search.

However, I opted to use a Colombian based visa service (I explain why in Step 3). So I won’t describe the do-it-yourself steps since I have zero experience with it.

There is also another option, you can get your visa in your home country before you arrive in Colombia. I did not find a lot of information about this option. And since I didn’t personally do it, I’m not writing about that either.

What I will discuss:

I will explain why I opted to use a visa service, tell you who I used, what I liked about them, what it cost, how long it took, what I would have done differently, plus all the step-by-step details I learned throughout the entire process.

Prepare to be Amazed!

Bottom line, I was thoroughly and happily amazed at how easy and super fast the Colombian Visa process was. From the day I landed in Colombia to the day I was fully registered with the local Migration Administrative Unit (Step 5) was only a mere 2 weeks!

Posts in Colombian TP-7 Visa series:


The TP-7 category I used. What I will share that may help you.

1) Research

Simple basic research is the key to making the right choice for you.

2) Income

Income needed. How to get your official proof-of-income letter.

3) Services

What to expect using a visa service. Who I picked, why, costs.

4) Process

The simple steps I went through guided by my visa service.

5) Cedula

The final prize... getting your official ID card, your cédula.

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