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Colombians Love Holidays

Colombians Love Holidays

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Colombians Love Holidays

Today was a holiday in Colombia, creating a long 3-day weekend. The streets of Salento were unusually packed with tourists from the surrounding areas.

When I asked the owner of the hotel where I’m staying what holiday it was, he told me he had no idea. And he is a Colombian! He says that Colombia has so many holidays he simply loses track. So I did some research and discovered that today is All Saints Day, a day to honor Christian saints that don’t have a special day of their own. I like it. It seems quite fair and inclusive.

In the process, I found a website that lists all the holidays for most countries in the world. Simply pick your country, choose a year and you’re shown a nice holiday list. This is quite handy and useful in case you’re planning a trip to a bank, post office or government agency. It’s so irritating to show up somewhere on what you think is a normal business day only to find it closed.

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I also counted them up… Colombia has 18 national holidays a year. By contrast, the USA only has about 10. So wherever you are, pour yourself a glass of cheer and celebrate… it’s quite likely that today is a holiday somewhere in the world!

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