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Emerald Toucanet – a Breakfast Lesson

Emerald Toucanet – a Breakfast Lesson

Posted on 2-Jul-2017 in Sights, Spirit | 2 comments

Emerald Toucanet – a Breakfast Lesson

This morning I was visited by an Emerald Toucanet. It came to the feeder outside my front window where bananas are placed to encourage bird visitors. I didn’t know exactly what it was as I had never seen one like it before. It had a toucan shaped bill and was a gorgeous shade of green.

So what’s the big deal? It’s only a bird eating a banana!

Two things. First, I’ve been here gazing at this feeder every day for over a month and have only ever seen little brown “ordinary” birds. Also, since this is my third stay at this same hotel (Coffee Tree BH), I’ve actually been in this exact spot a total of 5 months. And I’ve never seen one of these birds anywhere anytime in Salento the entire time.

But more importantly, it was the exquisite timing of ET’s visit (Pretty cool eh? Initials are ET!) that really impressed me. I was right in the middle of a global group conference call led by my friend Mynoo Maryel. Midway through the call I experienced one of those epiphany moments… where you suddenly have a deep realization and emotional release, followed by a new clarity.

An old pattern

I saw that throughout my life I have always felt there was something else I was supposed to be doing, something more important, something that made a bigger difference than whatever it was I was doing. Some contribution to humanity I was supposed to make, but I didn’t know what it was. I only knew for sure that I wasn’t doing it!

I often secretly compared my life to others that I admired. People who had written books, started innovative companies, become successful seminar leaders, dedicated their lives to helping others, and on and on. And of course, in this comparison, I always ended up coming up short, feeling less than, lacking, feeling that I’ve aimlessly frittered away my talents and my precious time on this planet.

Time to let go

During the call I experienced a deep release of this old belief pattern that does not serve me. Perhaps at one time it did, in my younger years. Or perhaps it was only there as the result of a lifetime of cultural programming – got to push, strive, achieve, do something others agree is “important”.

No matter, there’s no need to figure it out anymore. Once I let go, I instantly felt as though a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders and a new found freedom settled in. Just a few minutes later, as I sat gazing out the window, ET arrived to grace me with his presence.

After taking some pics, I then had to wonder…  Was ET’s arrival just a coincidence? Why did this unusual bird come right at this very moment? Was there something else for me to learn?

Something so very simple, yet for me so very profound…

I suddenly realized that little ET was just out doing his thing, enjoying a free banana breakfast. Could this little creature possibly have any notion of the impact his presence would forever have on me?  Would he even care? Or is he just happy he didn’t have to forage for grubs this morning?

I then looked around and took note of all the other simple things that bring me such joy and nurture me so deeply… the bamboo trees swaying gracefully in the wind with their delightful swooshing sound, the butterflies silently flitting about, the horses neighing in the distance. They aren’t doing anything special to try to please me or help me or benefit me in any way at all. They aren’t paying attention to me nor do they care what I think about them. They’re all just going about their business, totally unaware of their far reaching effects.


There is nothing one must “do” for their life to have purpose and meaning. Life itself has inherent meaning, purpose and direction.

My bigger take-away

My bigger insight is to allow myself to simply go about doing what I truly love to do, what nurtures me, and let everything else fall by the wayside. To trust and follow my own inner guidance and inspirations.


So for right now, I’m taking a lesson from my little ET friend. I’m focusing on my own banana breakfast… and I intend to enjoy every delicious morsel life presents me with!


Interesting Emerald Toucanet Tidbits

If you’re looking for the plain bird facts about the Emerald Toucanet, check out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emerald_toucanet

For the more esoteric meaning as to what Toucan animal totem energy signifies, below are a couple excerpts from some websites I found. For me, these are 100% spot on!!

From starstuffs.com

Toucan teaches sharp and to the point communication to get your message across when needed, lending his strength and confidence in the process. Dare to be different, exciting and bold as he will add more color to all areas of your life. He will show how to do this while balancing vitality with grounding properties. Toucan shows that you can be vocally strong with all of the resources you have. Are you a writer? He will teach the art of the written and spoken word. He will show there are more resources available. The call of the Toucan alerts to the steps you need to take toward a goal. He exhibits friendliness along with resilience, patience and the ability to tap into your own inner wisdom.

From native-american-totems.com

With his colorful appearance and large bill he shows us the desire to be seen and heard.  Toucan, as a native totem, may be telling you that it is time to step forward and stand in the forefront instead of the shadows.

Toucan comes to mirror your behavior and to show you that you can safely take off your mask and reveal the truth of your inner self.


  1. Go with your heart my friend. Love and Light Reidun

  2. Oh so precisely and brilliantly shared! Thank you my Friend!! 💗

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