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Halloween in Salento – Posing with the Devil

Halloween in Salento – Posing with the Devil

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Halloween in Salento – Posing with the Devil

I was quite surprised to see that Halloween has been exported all the way to Colombia. Even the little town of Salento is decorated and kids are enthusiastically celebrating.

I wandered through town, watching costumed kids making their way up the main street. They stopped at the shops to collect sweet treats. Some of the shops had put up decorations. I even saw some of the sales people dressed up too. They really got into the Halloween spirit.

I then followed a small group who seemed quite purposeful and intent on getting somewhere, although I did not know where. I ended up outside the local elementary school where I found a giant devil prancing in the street, posing for photo ops.

Inside, the kids were participating in some sort of costume contest while parents looked on from the bleachers. To be honest, I believe this is what was happening! But my Spanish is quite limited and the loud sound system was not the best. So I did not really understand a word.

In any case, I greatly enjoyed all the decorations and seeing how much fun the kids were having.

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