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Limonada de Coco – a Key Lime Pie Milkshake

Limonada de Coco – a Key Lime Pie Milkshake

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Limonada de Coco – a Key Lime Pie Milkshake

I am absolutely in love with this drink… it is like drinking a cross between an old fashioned ice-cold creamy milkshake and a slice of tart-sweet Key Lime pie. It’s totally refreshing and amazingly satisfying. The only advice I can give you is don’t drink it too fast or you’ll get a brain-freeze headache!

My first Limonada de Coco

The very first time I had one of these was at a rest stop on a bus trip from Medellin to Manizales. I was on my first long (4-5 hours) bus trip in Colombia in February 2016. Since I have a tendency towards motion sickness that sometimes manifests on winding mountainous roads, I was a bit worried. If you too have so suffered, you know all too well that it’s much worse when you are not the vehicle driver or sitting in the very front seat.

On the trip I sat quietly and kept my gaze on the passing countryside to keep my stomach settled. I even wore my sea-sick prevention wrist bands that work by pressing on accupressure points. The hairpin turns were relentless. And it seemed like we were always going steeply up or steeply down, never level. By far the biggest problem was the constant speeding up and slowing down. The driver very strongly hit the brakes before each turn and then punched the gas as we came out. With all this lurching I was on-the-edge nauseous every moment. I felt like I was going to “lose it” on every curve.

We stopped for a quick lunch break and I carefully disembarked the bus and slowly walked to the cafe. I was quite hungry but knew I should not eat. My stomach would quickly reject any such solid food once I got back on bus. Then I noticed “Limonada de Coco” on the board above the order bar. I had no idea what it would really be. But since I knew coco was coconut, I figured I’d give it a try.

When the drink came, I was absolutely delighted. I slurped down it’s creamy goodness and felt every cell (including my stomach) relax with an almost audible “Ahhhh…”

Coconut for nausea and motion sickness

Refreshed, I reboarded the bus and we were off for another 2 hours. Then the most amazing thing happened… I no longer felt any motion sickness! The driver was driving his same rapid speed-up / slow-down style. And the curves and hills were just as sharp and steep. But now I felt completely relaxed and at ease. My stomach was happy and my nausea was 100% gone. I even felt so relaxed that I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep for most of the remainder of the trip.

Needless to say, I was totally amazed and pleased with the effectiveness of my luncheon drink. Not only was it a miracle cure for me, it was absolutely delicious! Later, I went on the internet and searched for “coconut motion sickness”. Sure enough, I found hundreds of articles about the effectiveness of coconut (oil, water, milk) for treating nausea and indigestion, plus lots of do-it-yourself recipes.

Bottom line, if you are bus traveling through the mountains of Colombia and you have a tendency towards motion sickness, be sure to drink a Limonada de Coco before you depart. You’ll thank yourself for this delicious and healing treat.

My Search for More Limonada de Coco

Now knowing the wonders and pleasures of this drink, I started looking for it on the menu everywhere in Colombia. Most often it arrives in a tall curvy “coke” glass. It may be adorned with lime slices or a cherry, and is sometimes sprinkled with coconut shavings. The sweetness / tartness varies, as does the degree of creaminess and coldness.

I definitely have my preferences as you will too. But I’m happy to report that I have never yet had a limonada de coco that was undrinkable. They were all varying degrees of yummy! Here’s another secret I discovered… often restaurants don’t put limonada de coco on the menu even though they do have it available.

The Best in Salento — Donde Laurita

I’ve sampled Limonada de Coco in at least a half-dozen places in my Salento search. The hands-down very best I’ve found is at the Restaurante Donde Laurita right off the main square. And this is one of those off-the-menu places, so you have to ask.

The way I found out was when I was there to grab a quick bite and noticed another patron having one.  When the waitress came, I pointed at it, asked to make sure and eagerly placed my order. What luck! I go there often now for my “fix” and they know what I want as soon as they see me sit down.

Donde Laurita is a very well rated popular restaurant as well. Please check it out on Trip Advisor. The food is reasonably priced (for Salento), the food is tasty and the service is good. With current exchange rates a really nice full meal only costs from $6 to $9 USD.

The decor here is interesting. Brightly colored Colombian scenes are painted on each and every chair. The walls are covered with fun things to look at too, like old radios, telephones and even toasters.

Be sure to ask for a Limonada de Coco… for less than $2 USD you will have your beverage and dessert all rolled into one!

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