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Salento Hospital – St. Vincent de Paul

Salento Hospital – St. Vincent de Paul

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Salento Hospital – St. Vincent de Paul

If you are from the USA you may know the name “St. Vincent de Paul” as a chain of 2nd-hand thrift stores. But don’t go in here looking for a used sweater or pair of shoes here in Salento. San Vicente de Paul is actually the name of Salento’s only hospital. I hope you don’t need it, but it’s good to know where it is, “just in case”.

I confess I have not had need to go there, so I cannot testify as to the quality or extensiveness of services there. However, if you do need emergency care, it’s your best first stop. They have an ambulance available. Consequently, if you need more service than they can provide, you can be transported down to Armenia to a large modern hospital.

You can find the hospital quite easily, located only 1 block off the main square. Just remember the number 7, since the hospital is located right on the corner of Calle 7 and Carrera 7. Look for the shiny gold letters on the front next to the entrance. Also look for the big red-cross sign on the telephone poll. Plus, the hospital has just been recently repainted to a bright blue and white.

Just for Historical Background

In case you’re wondering, Vincent de Paul was a real person living from 1581 to 1660. He was a French Roman Catholic priest dedicated to serving the poor. He was canonized in 1737 and is considered a patron of works of charity. Many schools, hospitals and organizations inspired by his legacy now bear his name.

Among those is the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul, founded in 1833. Today this society operates in over 130 countries including Ireland, Australia, Canada, USA, New Zealand, India, Scotland and England. The society also operates the worldwide chain of thrift stores that you are likely familiar with.

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