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Salento for Recharge & Rejuvenation

Salento for Recharge & Rejuvenation

Posted on 3-Jun-2017 in Spirit | 1 comment

Salento for Recharge & Rejuvenation

I haven’t been posting much lately. I went on an unexpected trip to Belgium for 3 months. Then to the USA, and now finally back to Salento.

I did not realize how much I really missed this place. Green and lush everywhere I look, tall mountains in the distance and boundless fresh air. I give a big sigh and settle into the warm, welcoming, nurturing embrace of “Lady Salento”.

Sometimes I actually feel overwhelmed by the awesome beauty I am surrounded with, and I feel the tears welling up in my eyes. I try to drink it all in, but it’s impossible.

Here’s the view from my window

I am so grateful to have a perfect spot to stay here in Salento, at my friend Eddie’s Coffee Tree Boutique Hostel.

Every morning I go outside to drink my morning coffee to soak it all up. The dew is still cool and wet on my bare feet. The sun warms my skin and the slight breeze is the perfect temperature.

I listen for familiar morning sounds… dogs barking, roosters crowing, birds singing, and an occasional horse clippety-clopping down the road behind me.

Many colorful butterflies are always out, flitting here and there. If I’m very still, they’ll come land on me.

Battery Recharge Station

As I sit and gaze I get a sense of all stress, worry, hurry and effort draining away, being replaced by a peaceful calm clear energy. It’s as though I am plugged into a limitless power source deep in the earth.

And it keeps on like this even when I’m walking around town, shopping, or just doing my ordinary daily tasks. People I don’t know smile and say “Buenos Dias” and I return the phrase with a big smile. Something so simple, yet so heart-warming.

The lady that sells vegetables at the tiny market where I usually go (Panchos), grins widely in recognition as I walk in. I explain in my broken Spanish that I was at my daughter’s house in Belgium for 3 months. She warmly welcomes me back to Salento.

This is why I am in love with Salento.

My wish is for you to also find a place that has such an effect on you… and return there as often as you can!

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  1. Sounds divine, Suzann. Let me know if you have any further travel plans when the mood hits you. Seems like there’s no reason to go anywhere but there!

    I’m happy you’re happy!

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