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Salento Welcomes Christmas with Fireworks

Salento Welcomes Christmas with Fireworks

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Salento Welcomes Christmas with Fireworks

Colombians love the Christmas holidays. Here in Salento the Christmas season is welcomed with fireworks, a “light the tree” ceremony and a big party in the town square complete with speeches and entertainment. Everyone comes out to enjoy the party, from babes-in-arms to the elderly with canes.

There was a stage with lots of chairs set up for spectators, a sound-system to make sure you could hear it from several blocks away, and of course the requisite beverage and snack vendors so you won’t go hungry. The huge tree was all hung with blue lights, the church front was outlined in white and there’s a big lit up archway on one side of the square.

The archway words are (see first photo at top) are:  Salento creemos en lo que somos. I ran this through some online translators and came up with: We believe in what (who) we are. I’m not sure of the nuances here though, especially since the Spanish word order is often the other way around from English. So perhaps it has a more esoteric meaning, “We are what we believe in”? Either way it sounds good to me.

Salento Colombia Christmas 2016 - View of town square from Coffee Tree Boutique Hostel

Here’s a photo I particularly like… the town square viewed from the balcony of the Coffee Tree Boutique Hostel where I’m staying. (Click to see larger photo.)

I had a good time enjoying the local vibe. It had such a small neighborhood feel to it. The lady singer was good too and quite versatile. She shifted easily from Ave Maria to Feliz Navidad and many more. The new mayor gave a speech but that part went totally over my head. So I sipped my beer and watched the kids play.

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